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Sandy Asirvatham—known artistically as Sandhya—is an award-winning writer, musician, and music & video producer living in Baltimore, although forever a New Yorker at heart. Although a talented youth, she did not begin a professional performance career until her mid-30s, when she started gigging as a jazz pianist, singer, and bandleader. By her early 40s, she’d expanded to the roles of composer, lyricist, and record/concert producer. Her first collection of original songs is called MEMOIR (2007)—mini-fictions set to eclectic jazz-pop grooves. Later she was the executive producer and chief composer of MOBTOWN MOON, a genre-defying, fully reimagined homage to Pink Floyd’s THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. In 2018 she began working closely with vocal coach and producer Pete Strobl. Together with Sandhya’s new band, they completed the basic tracks for INNOCENT MONSTER, 10 new original songs with vivid, narrative lyrics and fantastic rock-funk-jazz grooves. Global pandemic almost shut them down, but Sandhya taught herself how to record her own final, pro-level vocal tracks at home, then practiced and did take after take after take to get things right—resulting in an even better final product than expected.

INNOCENT MONSTER is due on May 14 and is already available for pre-save via the Store page.